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    As a valued customer, we want to ensure that your private information is kept private and only shared with those companies that are authorized by yourself or that are allowed or required by law. This document explains our privacy policy, gives you reasons why we ask for the type of information we do, and if we do reserve a right to share information with non-affiliated third parties, lets you "opt-out" of our reservation to do so. Please take a moment to read this entire policy.

    Collection of Information
    The purchase of a motor vehicle requires considerable accumulation of non-public personal information. For example, if we sell or lease you a vehicle—extending credit to you at your request—we will receive information from you in order to determine your creditworthiness. We may also obtain information from a credit reporting agency. We may also obtain information from third parties such as employers, references and insurance companies.

    Some of the information we obtain from you may be required by provincial or federal agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Canada Revenue Agency. This information may be required even if you were to pay cash for your vehicle. Examples would be a driver's license or social security number.

    Protecting Your Information
    We safeguard nonpublic personal information according to established industry standards and procedures. We maintain physical and electronic safeguards that comply with provincial and federal law. We restrict access to non-public personal information about you to those employees and outside contractors who need to know the information to provide goods or services to you. We prohibit our employees and agents from giving information about you to anyone in a manner that would violate any applicable law or our privacy policy.

    Information Sharing
    Unless we have indicated our desire to share your non-public personal information with non-affiliated third parties (by checking the box in the section below), we share information:

    A) For everyday business purposes, such as to process transactions, maintain account(s), to respond to court orders and legal investigations, or to report to credit bureaus.

    B) For the purposes of processing a sale or lease transaction at your request or authorization, such as submitting information to third party financial institutions that may be requested to take an assignment of the contract, or verifying insurance coverage information.

    C) When using outside service providers to help us provide you with products and services. Before providing information to our service providers, we enter into contractual agreements prohibiting them from disclosing or using the information other than for the purpose for which it was disclosed.

    D) With "Affiliated" companies. Companies that are affiliated with us include any company that controls us, any company that we control, or any company under common control with us.
    I am interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle and request that my Consumer Credit Report be obtained, at no cost to me, in order to help determine the types and extent of financing which may be available to me.

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    By submitting this information, you are accepting that it may be collected, used and disclosed as described in our privacy policy.

    Your privacy is important to us.

    Camions Lussicam takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.

    Funding for your equipment

    The importance of a good credit rating

    You and I are aware of how important it is to meet payments on a regular timely basis, but did you know, that if an NSF check was returned to you by your Financial Institution or if a payment to one of your Credit Card Accounts had been overlooked, these events would be stipulated in your credit file and taken into consideration next time you apply for credit?

    The result of paying your invoices promptly is that it gives you a much better credit rating which in turn provides you with the desired loan for the sought after purchase.

    Available Financial Products

    The 2 most popular types of financing are credit and conditional sales contracts.

    Leasing is a medium term contractual credit technique, where at the request of a customer a recognized leasing company acquires , the ownership of goods or equipment with the intention of leasing it out to this same customer at a determined date and price previously stipulated in the lease. When the lease expires the contract gives the customer the option to buy back the equipment for the payout price.
    The conditional sales contract is a contract by which the transfer of ownership for the sold goods or equipment takes place immediately, in exchange of an agreement to uphold a later obligation.

    Diversify to increase your buying power

    We have new sources of financing for you. We all know that today it is wiser to diversify our sources of financing rather than to be dependent on a single lender.


    Rely on other services given by your banking institution such as a credit margin, commercial loan, mortgage ect., and let us help you with the financing of your truck, machinery or trailer?


    Take advantage of many years of experience in the field of financing, then relax, we will do everything to accomodate you.

    • Competitive rates
    • Leniant terms of payment
    • Enormous flexibility

    You know what you need!
    We have what you are looking for!

    To all our customers

    Are you looking for financing to make the purchase of your truck, equipment or trailer...easier.


    Search no longer

    Groupe Lussier has developped and set up a network of financial experts. They will be delighted to offer you a program that is adapted to your needs at no expense to you whatsoever.

    Our goal is simple, we want to help you accomplish your projects by offering you quality service, professionnalism and utmost discretion.


    Dealing with us:

    Makes the process easier

    When you meet with one of our experts for the first time, all the necessary paperwork to open your file is handled by us.

    Your request for financing is done when you come to choose your vehicle but your contract is sign at the moment you take posession of your vehicle.

    No need to go to your financial institution everything is done at our dealership.


    Accelerates the process

    Becoming a customer of a Groupe Lussier Entreprise means that within a short périod of time you are presented with a very interesting finance proposal.


    Assures that understanding lenders will deal with you

    Lenders, with whom we have negotiated competitive terms of financing for you, that are familiar with your type of profession. They know that the long-distance driver, local driver, heavy equipment operator or other workers in your field have specific and different requirements. They will do their very best in order to answer your particular needs.


    What type of financing are you looking for?

    • Purchase of a new or used truck
    • Purchase of a new or used trailer
    • Purchase of heavy machinery or equipment
    • Equipment repair
    • Equipment re-financing
    • Accommodation sale

    Here is how we can help you :

    • Conditional sale
    • Leasing
    • Credit margin for an equipment purchase
    • Regular or seasonal scheduling of repayments
    • Fixed or variable rates
    • Life and disability insurance
    • And many other ways...